Monday, 21 November 2011

Sweet Home [Hong Kong]

The Sweet Home is back. We are proud to announce that this beautiful art work will be exhibited at Siggraph Asia 2011.

Art is not what you see, but is what you interact with. Good paintings make their viewers imaginative. As every artist has been expressing love in many ways, the authors introduce a novel way to express the shape of love in an interactive way using state-of-the-art computing technology. The viewers of the art will not see the picture, but will interact with the picture literally. The concept of the interactive art that the authors propose in this paper is that the viewer of the art feel as if he/she is inside the painting. You first find yourself moving in the acrylic painting as if it reflects you like a mirror. In the picture you interact with a family of Alpaca, who will present you with a gift. If you stare at yourself in the picture carefully you will see your face is slightly morphed to that of your child age. You are to bring a candle with you to lighten the picture. As you move the candle, the lighting in the picture changes. You can even blow out the candle, and every animated character disappear from the picture, though the gift from Alpaca family remains inside you."

You can watch the demonstration video at Vimeo.

*Official Wiki Page


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

IMS Star Xmas (Takahiro Matsuo) [Fukuoka] is supporting Takahiro Matsuo's media art project at Tenjin IMS, Hakata, Japan. Those installations are available until 25 December 2011.

This art work is based on a novel material developed by Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Corp, which is widely known as Verbatim brand in recording media industry. This material, named VELVE (TM), is a fully-programmable color-varying electroluminescence (EL) sheet. It also has advantage in power consumption to conventional ELs; the VELVE won't generate much heat so that you can sit on top of it.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Mirror of Transfiguration [Lisbon]

Mayuko Kanazawa, Masataka Imura, and Ichiroh Kanaya presented The Mirror of Transfiguration at ACM ACE conference in Lisbon.

The Mirror of Transfiguration is an interactive media-art for showing native Canadians’ spiritual image to children. It immerses its viewers into pictures of Canadian nature, and the viewers will transform into ones of the spiritual animals of Canadian tradition. Various image processing and mixed reality technologies are used to set up this installation, including posture recognition, synthesis of hand-drawn animation and real images, and natural image morphing.

You can watch the demonstration movie at Vimeo.

*Official Wiki Page