Friday 2 March 2012

Article: Revolutionary Archaeology [Topcon]

Scanning for clues - Recording the mysteries of a 4600-year-old pyramid

Surrounded by the Sahara, the step pyramid built by the king Djoser is the oldest pyramid in Egypt, built some 4,600 years ago. Two machines on tripods were facing the pyramid, while a man cautiously rappelled down its steep slopes with an arm-spread equipment, like the wings of Icarus, on his back. More than 20 people stood watching, with computers and transceivers at hand. This is not the typical excavation where artifacts are discovered, uncovered gently with camel hairbrushes. A 21st Century approach to archaeological research using cutting-edge technology - that, is what this project is all about. Using the latest laser scanning technology, the goal of this project is to capture detailed 3D measurements of the pyramid. The stars of this project were Topcon’s laser scanner GLS-1000 and Develo Solutions’ own laser scanner “Djoser.”

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